Purpose over Pleasure

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I’m Jessica Dixon: the first graduate at Refuge for Women. I started "Modesty Image" because I thought that to get attention, or to feel beautiful, I had to dress with less clothing. But when I accepted Jesus Christ, He showed me that “True Beauty” comes from within. As I began to grow in Jesus Christ, I started dressing modestly, and the compliments drew attention to how I looked overall. So, Modesty Image clothing line was born, and it speaks to women being beautiful, and representing Jesus Christ at the same time. Be Blessed.

Purpose Over Pleasure Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Colored shirt with White lettering) available in 2XL & 3XL

Available in the following colors:

  • 2XLarge - Navy
  • 3XLarge - Pink
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Purchased: Leaving the Sex Trade

"Deanna gives us a real, raw look at the ugly secrets behind the world of pornography. I found myself encouraged as she shared her beautiful story of redemption and freedom. I work with many girls who have been trapped in the sex industry and I know I will be keeping this book on hand to give out to girls and women who need to know that a way out is possible!"