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This bundle makes the perfect gift for any occasion! It includes handmade leather and candle products from the Survivor Made team. Enjoy an 8oz candle you chose from our favorite seasonal and year round scents. This bundle includes a small, stylish wall plug-in tart melter, and two 3oz tart melts. It also includes a pair of our handmade leather teardrop earrings, Biscoff cookies, and scripture cards chosen by residents of the program. Send this as a gift, or order one to enjoy for yourself!

Scent Options

  • Jacquelyn - Wrap yourself in the warm and soft fragrance of Jacquelyn, the signature scent of our Survivor Made team member and Refuge For Women graduate. Sweet vanilla sugar sprinkled over rose, jasmine, and vanilla orchid petals gently smooth out hints of cedarwood and musk.
  • Blueberry Comfort has a luscious buttery bakery blend of wild blueberries and brown sugar. Sweet vanilla bean and warm spiced cinnamon create a delicious aroma with all the comfort of warm cobbler fresh out of the oven.
  • Decadent Brownie is a delightful dark chocolate fudge intertwining with milk chocolate and walnuts.
  • French Lilac is a classic blooming lilac scent paired with a hint of sweet honeysuckle. This spring classic is the perfect way to kickstart the season!
  • Beautiful Day is a crisp apple and a dewy floral scent. This scent will remind you of spring blooms and add a refreshing twist to your home.
  • Summer Vacay is a blend of fresh tropical fruit that will remind you of the perfect beach day! The tropical melon blend is paired with light floral and vanilla to remind you of vacation all summer long.
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"Deanna gives us a real, raw look at the ugly secrets behind the world of pornography. I found myself encouraged as she shared her beautiful story of redemption and freedom. I work with many girls who have been trapped in the sex industry and I know I will be keeping this book on hand to give out to girls and women who need to know that a way out is possible!"


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These bags are handcrafted by our residents and graduates for a truly one of a kind look. 

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