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I’m Jessica Dixon: the first graduate at Refuge for Women. I started "Modesty Image" because I thought that to get attention, or to feel beautiful, I had to dress with less clothing. But when I accepted Jesus Christ, He showed me that “True Beauty” comes from within. As I began to grow in Jesus Christ, I started dressing modestly, and the compliments drew attention to how I looked overall. So, Modesty Image clothing line was born, and it speaks to women being beautiful, and representing Jesus Christ at the same time. Be Blessed.

#1 Beauty Secret Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Colored shirt with White lettering) available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, and 2X-Large

Available in the following colors:

  • Small - Orange, Black
  • Medium - Orange, Black, Navy
  • Large - Orange, Black, Pink
  • XLarge - Orange, Black
  • 2XLarge - Black, Pink, Navy
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Purchased: Leaving the Sex Trade

"Deanna gives us a real, raw look at the ugly secrets behind the world of pornography. I found myself encouraged as she shared her beautiful story of redemption and freedom. I work with many girls who have been trapped in the sex industry and I know I will be keeping this book on hand to give out to girls and women who need to know that a way out is possible!"